Getting a Motorbike



If you are browsing now for motorbike ideas then you must have went through the phase of learning how to ride a motorbike. You must now be at the stage of considering which motorbike would best fit your style. So here are some few tips you should consider in identifying the motorbike that you want to have.

  • Tip #1. Identify your level of experience.

You need to be honest in identifying whether you are an experienced enough driver or not. Answer questions to yourself like, how long have you been riding a motorbike? How often have you driven a motorbike? Have you had your own motorbike before? Or perhaps you are already a veteran driver with motorbikes.

This is important to know because this will determine what type of motorbike would fit you. Starters would usually choose to have the basic motorbike type like those just enough to give you a good ride. For veterans, for sure they would want those bigger to maneuver or those which are more upgraded in style.

  • Tip # 2. Know what road you are going to take.

This should be important for you to identify if you often pass through the streets only or you would be spending most of your time on off roads. Regular and standard motorbikes are designed to cater for paved roads. That would mean you have to be specific on this aspect to know if you are using the right motorbike for your need.

  • Tip # 3. Identify the body style that you want.

Here are the different body style that you can chose from:

  • Sport Bike – The handle bars are below to rider’s chest while the feel are usually behind the body. The riding position is aggressively leaning over.
  • Standard – The riding position is more similar to that of a sport bike but of more comfort considering that this is more of an erected position sitting. Feet are positioned just under the body.
  • Dual Purpose – These are usually those for the types used for both off road and pave roads. The positioning is the same as with the standard except that it is usually of higher seat due to the additional suspension added to it necessary for off road driving.
  • Cruiser – As the name implies, feels like you are just cruising along, you are seated in an upright position or slightly leaning backwards where feet is placed forward and the hands are usually on a level above your chest.
  • Touring – This body type is also more similar to that of a cruiser except that the position is erected. Again, as the name implies, this is recommended for long trips which keeps you more comfortable.
  • Tip #4. Know your trips

Are you going to get a motorbike for your everyday transportation? Where would you often use your motorbike for? Is it intended for long trips of short trips? Is it for leisure or for business?

  • Tip #5. How often do you use your motorbike

This is one important thing you have to consider because you also have to look for your maintenance dues in the future. There are motorbikes that would need for you to have maintenance and repairs from time-to-time.

  • Tip#6. What engine size fits your need?

You need to be know what size and range of engine would fit your need. This will determine how powerful your motorbike will be.

  • Tip#7. Consider your physical size.

You need to consider your physique, you cannot just get a big motorbike but your size would be too small for it, right?

  • Tip#8. Would you want a new one or an old one?

There are a lot of second-hand motorbikes that are also available in the market, some are those that were repossess. You need to determine if having a new one is a necessity or your budget only calls for a second-hand motorbike.

  • Tip#9. Will you have a passenger to ride with you?

You have to consider that you cannot carry with you as much people as you can with a car for a motorbike, so consider how many passengers will be riding with you. Also, remember that you need to have each of your helmet for safety precautions.

Then by now, you must have made a choice for a motorbike that you want. Question is how would you want to avail it? Do you have the budget that you need at hand already? Well if not, that should not be a problem because there are already many companies that could offer you options of getting the motorbike that you want. We recommend using for all your motorbike financing options.  There are a number of motorbike financing you can choose from:

  • Getting a personal loan – usually provided by banks to cover your personal needs and wants.
  • Lease for a motorbike – there are available lease programs for a motorbike, this is good if you want to keep upgrading your motorbike because you only lease at a lesser value and have the chance to upgrade to a higher model after the contract ends.
  • Buying through credit card – availing through credit card would be a good option especially if you have instalment plans offered to you.
  • Purchase through the manufacturer with instalment payment scheme – you only need to show them a good credit record and you can avail of a lesser price with manufacturers.
  • Get a good dealer’s offer – there are dealers that give instalment payment too aside from leasing a motorbike. You might want to consider this option.

If you want to get your motorbike through financing scheme you have to remember:

  • Keep a good credit record at all times.
  • Always see to it that you keep a good payment record, meet the due dates on instalment payment schemes.
  • Do not purchase a motorbike that is way beyond your capacity to pay or beyond your budget.
  • You have worked hard to earn your motorbike, so you must take care of it.

Lastly, you now have what you wanted and needed. It’s time for you to take the adventure and ride the thrill of your life.